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Best Budget Hunting Knives 2023




Embark­ing on an exhil­a­rat­ing hunt­ing expe­di­tion often comes with its fair share of chal­lenges, and one sig­nif­i­cant hur­dle for every hunt­ing enthu­si­ast is find­ing a high-qual­i­ty hunt­ing knife that fits their bud­get. The pur­suit of a reli­able, durable, and afford­able hunt­ing com­pan­ion can leave one feel­ing lost amidst count­less options, unsure of where to invest their hard-earned mon­ey.


But wor­ry no more! Our com­pre­hen­sive guide to the best bud­get hunt­ing knives of 2023 is here to empow­er you. Dis­cov­er the per­fect blend of afford­abil­i­ty and excep­tion­al per­for­mance, ensur­ing that your hunt­ing expe­ri­ence remains unpar­al­leled, even on a bud­get. Get ready to rede­fine the way you hunt with con­fi­dence, pre­ci­sion, and sav­ings!



As a hunt­ing enthu­si­ast, hav­ing reli­able hunt­ing knives is essen­tial for field dress­ing games, build­ing shel­ters, and oth­er sur­vival tasks. How­ev­er, with so many options avail­able, it can be chal­leng­ing to choose the right one. Thank­ful­ly, research has iden­ti­fied the top 5 hunt­ing knives that meet the needs of both pro­fes­sion­als and begin­ners.


The list includes com­pact fold­ing knives and full-sized fixed blades that are suit­able for dif­fer­ent bud­gets. With one of these knives, hunters can be con­fi­dent they have a reli­able tool to ensure their sur­vival and suc­cess in the wild, whether hunt­ing big game or camp­ing in the woods.



The Best Hunting Knives: Top 5 Picks


Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit I [31–002218]


hunting knives

Fea­ture Descrip­tion
Han­dle Mate­r­i­al Rub­ber
Blade Mate­r­i­al Met­al
Item Weight 7.1 Ounces
Blade Shape Gut Hook
Item Length 13 inch­es


The Ger­ber Moment Field Dress Kit I is a hunt­ing knife set designed for out­door enthu­si­asts, hunters, and sur­vival­ists. The knife set fea­tures a full tang con­struc­tion and tex­tured rub­ber han­dle for strength and a secure grip, while the glass bead blade fin­ish pro­vides a pro­fes­sion­al appear­ance.

Experts have gen­er­al­ly praised the ease of use and val­ue of the knife set, but some have report­ed issues with dura­bil­i­ty. Over­all, the Ger­ber Moment Field Dress Kit I is a well-made knife set that is well-suit­ed for dress­ing games.

GERBER LMF II Infantry Knife, Black [22–41629]


hunting knives

Blade Mate­r­i­al 420HC stain­less steel blade
Length 4.84 inch­es (12.3 cm)
Over­all Length 10.59 inch­es (26.9 cm)
Blade Type Par­tial­ly ser­rat­ed blade han­dle
Mate­r­i­al Glass-filled nylon

The GERBER LMF II Infantry Knife is a stur­dy and ver­sa­tile sur­vival knife designed for use in a vari­ety of con­di­tions. Its par­tial­ly ser­rat­ed blade is made from strong and cor­ro­sion-resis­tant 420HC stain­less steel, while its han­dle is made from glass-filled nylon for a com­fort­able and secure grip. More­over, the knife fea­tures a strik­ing pom­mel for emer­gen­cies and can be used as a spear with the includ­ed lash­ing holes. The knife comes with a bal­lis­tic nylon sheath with a fire-retar­dant coat­ing for easy and safe trans­port.



Morakniv Garberg Survival (S) Stainless Steel


hunting knives

Fea­ture Descrip­tion
Blade Mate­r­i­al Stain­less steel blade for dura­bil­i­ty and rust resis­tance
Blade Length 4.3 inch­es (109 mm) long blade for ver­sa­tile use total
l Length 9.0 inch­es (229 mm) total length for com­fort­able grip and han­dling
Han­dle Mate­r­i­al Polyamide with TPE rub­ber grip for non-slip han­dling in wet con­di­tions
Blade Type Drop point blade for pierc­ing, slic­ing, and carv­ing
Pur­pose Designed for out­door and sur­vival activ­i­ties, includ­ing camp­ing, hunt­ing, and bushcraft

The Morakniv Gar­berg Sur­vival (S) Stain­less Steel is a ver­sa­tile and reli­able out­door and sur­vival knife designed to meet the demands of heavy use. It fea­tures a durable stain­less steel blade that resists rust and cor­ro­sion, a light­weight design for ease of use, and a com­fort­able grip for secure han­dling in all con­di­tions.

The knife is also designed with a drop point blade for ver­sa­tile use, a Scan­di grind for easy sharp­en­ing and clean cuts, and a full tang con­struc­tion for added dura­bil­i­ty and strength. Fur­ther, the Morakniv Gar­berg Sur­vival (S) Stain­less Steel comes with a mul­ti-mount sys­tem for ver­sa­tile car­ry options, mak­ing it a great choice for out­door enthu­si­asts, campers, hunters, and bush crafters.



Cold Steel SRK in 3V / 10 3/4″ Overall / 6″ Blade / 5mm Thick

hunting knives


Fea­ture Descrip­tion
Blade Mate­r­i­al CPM 3V steel
Blade Length 6 inch­es (152 mm)
Total Length 10.75 inch­es (273 mm)
Han­dle Mate­r­i­al Kra­ton han­dle with fin­ger guard and lan­yard hole
Blade Type Clip point with plain edge

The Cold Steel SRK in 3V is a high-qual­i­ty knife suit­able for var­i­ous out­door, sur­vival, and tac­ti­cal appli­ca­tions. It fea­tures a 6‑inch clip-point blade made of CPM 3V steel, pro­vid­ing excel­lent sharp­ness, edge reten­tion, and tough­ness. The blade is 0.2 inch­es thick and has a full tang con­struc­tion, ensur­ing opti­mal strength and dura­bil­i­ty.

The Kra­ton han­dle with fin­ger guard and lan­yard hole offers a secure and com­fort­able grip, even in wet or slip­pery con­di­tions. The knife weighs 8.2 oz and has a total length of 10.75 inch­es, mak­ing it a suit­able size for var­i­ous tasks. It comes with a Secure-Ex sheath with mul­ti­ple car­ry­ing options, pro­vid­ing easy access and con­ve­nient stor­age. Over­all, the Cold Steel SRK in 3V is an excel­lent choice for those in need of a reli­able and ver­sa­tile knife for out­door, sur­vival, and tac­ti­cal pur­pos­es.



KA-BAR Snody Big Boss

hunting knives

Fea­ture Descrip­tion
Blade Length Straight Edge Blade 4 9/16 Inch­es
Over­all Length 9 Inch­es
Blade Type Flat Grind


KA-BAR Snody Big Boss is a well-regard­ed hunt­ing knife using high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als. It fea­tures a 4 9/16-inch straight-edge blade made of strong and sharp S35VN steel with a stone-washed fin­ish. It comes with 8′ of 550 cord and a leather sheath and has a plas­tic han­dle that is well-bal­anced and fits com­fort­ably in hand.

The knife is well-designed, offers great val­ue, and has received most­ly pos­i­tive feed­back, with some sug­ges­tions for improve­ment on the han­dle’s ergonom­ic design. Despite these minor crit­i­cisms, the KA-BAR Snody Big Boss is a high­ly rec­om­mend­ed knife for hunt­ing, camp­ing, and fish­ing activ­i­ties.



Each of these hunt­ing knives offers unique fea­tures and advan­tages for out­door activ­i­ties. The Ger­ber Moment Field Dress Kit I is a well-made knife set that is ide­al for dress­ing games, while the JEO-TEC Nº31 Bushcraft Sur­vival Hunt­ing Field Knife is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for those who demand qual­i­ty and dura­bil­i­ty in their tools.

The ESEE Mod­el 4P-OD Olive Drab Fixed Blade Knife is a top-qual­i­ty knife high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for its dura­bil­i­ty, qual­i­ty, and price point, and the KA-BAR #1213 Black Straight Edge Knife is a great choice for out­door enthu­si­asts due to its tough­ness, light­weight, and over­all design. The KA-BAR Snody Big Boss is a high­ly rec­om­mend­ed hunt­ing knife, offer­ing great val­ue and a strong and sharp S35VN steel blade, although there have been some sug­ges­tions for improve­ment on the han­dle’s ergonom­ic design. Ulti­mate­ly, the choice between these hunt­ing  knives will depend on indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences, needs, and bud­get.

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